A single family officeoperating in the real estate sector

We are an innovative and well-established single-family office with a focus on ultra long term growth and preservation. We pride ourselves on our simple straightforward approach with our principle and founder, Mark Hawthorn, retaining an active day to day role as CEO of the larger group businesses.

Our primary focus is within the real estate sector where we have a long and successful track record, including throughout the downturn of the late 2000’s. We do not follow the crowds, preferring to adopt a more contrarian approach which has led to us benefitting from many new areas of opportunity long before the wider market.

We remain open to proposals of all types, with our simple criteria being there is a favourable risk/reward balance and we can add value over and above any financial investment.

Naturally we have independent websites and teams for our group businesses, the two largest and most active are listed below with a brief overview of their activities.

  • Ground rent investors across all types of residential and commercial, nationwide.

  • Bespoke sales guarantee for residential developers and their lenders.

Key Facts

  • Investments in over 350 locations nationwide
  • Approaching 21,000 tenants
  • 100% privately owned
  • 21 years in business

Latest Landmark updates

  • LDS issues over £600m of sales guarantee proposals in first three months

  • Insider Media Property Awards 2021

  • NACFB Helping Fund UK Business

  • The Best in Poperty Podcast with Jake Knotman

If you would like to discuss any opportunities

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Landmark Group