“Looking ahead with hope” forecast for 2021

“Looking ahead with hope” forecast for 2021

Property Week’s “Looking ahead with hope” forecast for 2021 featured the view of our CEO, Mark Hawthorn, alongside other industry leaders on their hopes and expectations for 2021.


“I expect people to hope that Covid-19 and Brexit will fade away, allowing everybody to write 2020 off and get back to ‘normal’. I cannot see this happening, and the hidden wave for the property market and economy is likely to be Brexit or even a Brexit/Covid double whammy, probably from hard-to-predict secondary effects. That said, I fully expect the property industry to provide the same robust response it always does, adapting and moving forward wherever progress can be made.”


“If we have to adapt to longer-term remote working, we have all had the crash course now, so maintaining a high level of engagement internally and externally will continue to be key. It will be a year of opportunity born out of creative destruction, a lot of it accelerated rather than started by the pandemic.”


Mark Hawthorn, CEO, Landmark Group


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